Eco-friendly tennis performance is coming to the Australian Open. As the first grand slam event of the season, the Australian Open allows for the release of new kits from companies like Lotto, Nike, Adidas, Lacoste, and many more. Even so, these companies are not always eco-friendly. If you want to learn more about how tennis outfiiters are going green, you can read here.

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What is Eco-Friendly Tennis Performance?

When tennis stars hit the biggest stages in the world, they wear the best gear. In fact, the companies we know best—Nike, Adidas, etc—prefer to debut their new lines of activewear for the court at these tournaments because everyone is watching. They mix interesting colors with fun designs. They even create beautiful activewear for Wimbledon where members and players are required to wear all white.

However, these clothes must get better every year. Just as swimmers made major breakthroughs with improved suits, tennis stars can play better if they’re wearing better apparel.

How to Make Tennis Wear Green

You can check out the freshest looks here. Plus, you should find advanced clothing that helps wick moisture away from your body and keeps you comfortable. However, these products were often made using harmful products. To that end, Natural Fiber Welding has partnered with Ralph Lauren for a new line that uses plant matter to keep players as dry as possible. That’s a simple way to go green because it simply repurposes the technology using new materials.

You can see this new apparel on your favorite players starting January 17th.

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