A lot of people all over the world are coming up with many green initiatives which not only benefit the environment but also save a lot of costs. Items which were dumped in landfills earlier like scrap metal and plastics are now being combined with other material to create durable, eco-friendly promotional items. One such example is eco-friendly toys.

Play Along with Eco-Friendly Toys

Jim Barber is a very conscientious parent who was curious to know where his child's toys were manufactured. When a report on the high lead content in popular toys was published in 2009, he realized most were manufactured in China and due to their hazardous nature had to be discarded. They were not environment-friendly either.

To ensure children all over the world could play with toys that were safe and could later be recycled, he started the company – Luke's Toy Factory. Now managed by a grown up Luke, the company has received a very good response to its initial toys such as fire trucks with 5 interlocking parts. Products like dump and tanker trucks and flat beds can be joined with the fire truck using the linking bases provided in each of them. What makes the toys special are that they are completely lead free, are made out of wastes such as milk bottles, sawdust, rice holes and wheat straw. This makes the toy sturdy and also gives is a wooden feel. All parts are collected from within the USA so the manufacturing time is cut and gives more employment within the country. It is very economically priced at just $19.95. They are looking to expand the business, which is listed on Kickstarter.com.

This company is similar to other companies that deal in waste-to-toys products such as Green Toys Inc. who have already entered into the South Korean market making traditional dolls. The toys have a very little amount if plastic making them mostly recyclable and environmental friendly.

Eco-Friendly Toys and Other Fun Promotional Items

Going green is now a priority for many cities and states. Councils are putting into effects bans and fines to ensure this is done. On the lighter side, there are also many eco-friendly promotional items doing rounds such as toys, reusable bags, pens and pencils, accessories and watches, apparels, award trophies and so on. Going green is not limited to just planting a lot of trees and conserving water. People are now aware that they can re-use items and prevent them from being dumped in the landfills.