Eco-friendly wedding gifts are a good idea for every new nuptial. The wedding industry generates billions of dollars every year, but it can be a bit wasteful. Giving an eco-friendly gift is just one way you can help weddings go green. Plus, you will find some creative options that you might not have considered in the past. To learn more about eco-friendly gift-giving, go here.

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Eco-Friendly Wedding Gifts 1: The CSA

Give the happy couple eco-friendly wedding gifts that allow them to shop local and go green. Give them a gift card to a local CSA or for a service that offers fresh produce. There are some that even focus on “non-photogenic” fruits and vegetables. The couple eats well, they pick up local food, and they cut back on plastic bag use because they’re going to the store less.

Eco-Friendly Wedding Gifts 2: Solar Lights

Solar lights are an important gift because they are much better than traditional lanterns. You can help the happy couple decorate their patio or outdoor living space. Some of these lights can go on the front doorstep, or you can gift large lights that they might use inside the house.

Water Filters

Under-counter water filtration systems are especially interesting. They help cut down on bottled water purchases, and they are easy to install. You can learn more about socially-conscious gifts and parties here.

Food Cycler

A food cycler is one step up from a garbage disposal. The food cycler can help the happy couple convert food waste into compost. It can go right out to their garden, and maybe they can grow their own herbs, fruits, or vegetables.

You can check out reusable products, bags, totes, and much more as you look for eco-friendly wedding gifts for the happy couple.