Wholesale Retail Bags Are the Perfect Promotional Tools

All plastic bags are manufactured from various petroleum by-products and are used for carrying products when people are shopping in the markets. However, most of these bags are discarded after one use, and they mostly end up in some dump site. It takes more than 1,000 years to break down a simple plastic bag and more than 70 percent of dump sites are filled with such bag and containers. Moreover, plastic bags are lightweight and are carried away to different places such as rivers and oceans, and affect marine life. Millions of marine animals die due to these polythene bags.

In the past few years, companies and people are around the world are switching to eco-friendly alternatives and have started using biodegradable wholesale retail bags made using paper or other eco-friendly material. These bags are available in hundreds of styles, colors and price ranges. Most of these bags are 100 percent biodegradable and with a large surface area, most of the people use them for promotional purpose by imprinting their business name and logo on them.Also, using wholesale retail bags made using cloth or recycled material comes with lots of advantages. Reusing shopping bags can help in reducing pollution by about 27 percent. Although they cost much more than plastic bags, but they work remarkably in promoting your business image, and last for years promoting your business. So they offer you full value for money in the long run, and you end up saving money on them!

The advantages of promotional bags are not limited to the environment only. They can also be used for carrying heavy household items, as they are stronger than plastic and paper. Wholesale promotional bags can also be used for passive advertising campaigns. Many retail stores distribute such bags as promotional merchandise for their customers. With your business details on these bags, they can act as walking billboards for your business. They can help in generating thousands of brand impressions in a year.

Using promotional bags is now a big industry. With hundreds of designs, many online suppliers offer you complete range right at your doorsteps. They offer extensive details and packages on their websites and you should preferably place a big order to get big discount with these sellers. Your business details can be easily imprinted on each bag, and you can choose the colors and designs as per your advertising budget.