Made from industry generated paper waste, Paperboy is a new line of wine that comes in cardboard containers. Weighing less than 80 percent of traditional glass bottles, these cardboard containers are not only easy to carry, but also environment friendly. This new wine bottle is the creation of graphic designer Kevin Shaw and the Truett-Hurst winery.

Paperboy's Eco-Friendly Wine Packaging

In addition to the reduced weight, the cardboard design also offers many benefits to wine drinkers. Designed with a plastic lining inside, the cardboard wine sleeves provide better insulation as well as less chances of breakage of the bottle. Composed of paper pulp, these wine containers are easily recyclable compared to traditional glass bottles. Users can easily crush the bottles and discard them at recycling centers. Although glass bottles are recyclable in nature, they only have a 28 percent rate of reusability. Paper, on the other hand, is known to have 91 percent reusability.

The company has also made known that by adopting such eco-friendly wine packaging, it can bring down its transport costs. According to an estimation put forward by Truett-Hurst, the company will be able to save about 61 gallons of diesel during a one way transport of Paperboy wine bottles. As a result, about 1,365 pounds of carbon dioxide are prevented from being released into the atmosphere. At the same time, requiring less energy to produce, these cardboard bottles are designed to leave a 67 percent lower carbon footprint.

Targeted towards millennial drinkers and not wine connoisseurs, Paperboy bottles have an attention grabbing and funky design. According to the CEO of Truett-Hurst, outdoor lovers of all kinds ranging from fishermen to campers to hikers can enjoy their superior quality wine in these lightweight wine bottles anywhere. Offering numerous benefits, such Paperboy's eco-friendly packaging is another effort by the wine industry to make cheaper and greener wine bottles.

Why Businesses Should Opt for Eco-Friendly Wine Packaging

Along with individuals, businesses too play an active role when it comes to promoting eco-friendly ways of living in the society. To do so, businesses can use eco-friendly promotional items such as shopping bags, key chains and other products to generate awareness about the environment and make people environmentally responsible in the process. By encouraging people to reuse these items, businesses can provide people with the opportunity to lower waste generation. Most importantly, since they are manufactured in an eco-friendly way, they do more good than harm.