The atmosphere and ambiance created when you have a wood stove burning in your living room are incomparable. The environment-conscious consumer of the present times needs wood stoves which provide not just warmth and glow but are also stylish and environment-friendly, which combine efficiency with eco-friendliness.

Why Eco-Friendly Wood Stoves Are a Better Choice?

Though wood stoves impart a rustic look and feel to your house, the gases, particulate matter and other pollutants emitted by burning wood can be very harmful to the environment. Burning logs emit black carbon which is as harmful to the environment as diesel fumes emitted by cars.

Wood is a cheaper alternative to such gases and is considered eco-friendly because it is a replenishable resource, compared to coal. But studies are pointing out in a different direction. Burning wood can prove to be a huge source of carbon emissions and this can be hazardous to the environment.

The rules of Environment Protection Agency or EPA lay down that only those wood stoves will be certified and considered eco-friendly which produce less than 7.5 grams of particulate matter in an hour. New regulations which are due next year will reduce the level to 4.5 grams per hour.

There are options like newer technologies for eco-friendly wood stoves which make use of pellet stoves and boilers that can reduce the impact by nearly half. The new generation wood stoves are energy efficient and low in carbon emission.

These new stoves are designed to channel the smoky exhaust through a catalyst made of ceramic. It burns off the gases as well as the emitted particulate exhaust matter. As a result, fewer pollutants are emitted from these stoves. Other stoves, which use preheated air-inflow, come with interior baffles which make the flow path for gases longer. Most of the gases and particulates get burnt in this process.

Popularizing Wood Stoves with Eco-Friendly Promotional Items

Wood stove manufacturing can produce better and more efficient wood stoves and promote the usage of these eco-friendly stoves by making them affordable and aesthetically pleasant at the same time. Companies involved in making such stoves can make use of promotional campaigns as well as eco-friendly promotional items to increase awareness about these stoves and help people understand the importance of protecting the environment.

These wood stoves can also be beneficial for the consumers who will need to invest less in replenishing their stock of firewood. These are good for the environment too as energy efficiency will keep pollution under control as well as reduce the number of trees being cut.