Victor Lake and his wife Kelly Boardway have always had an eco friendly approach toward life. They decided to take this lifestyle a whole notch higher when they thought of getting an eco friendly house for themselves. They plan to get this house to peacefully spend their life after retirement.

Is an Eco-Friendly Home Too Big a Dream ?

Both of them have been working in the Navy for more than 20 years. Victor is an officer in the Navy and looks after piloting of the ships. Kelly is a heath care manager in the Navy. Together, they have changed their place of living around 24 times. They proudly say that the only continent they have not stayed on is Antarctica.

Though they have a long way to go before retiring, they have already decided on their dream home. They plan to work in a private sector till they turn 65. After that they wish to move into their retirement house. They want the house to be an eco friendly ranch built in Spanish style. They want this three bedroom house to cover one or two acres and want it to be situated just outside Las Vegas. They chose this place because this is where they got married.

Best Use of an Eco-Friendly Home

Kelly said that after changing places frequently, they just need a good place to settle down. As far as the green lifestyle is concerned, she developed it as she grew up on a farm. As far as Victor goes, he has seen a lot of people all around the world adopting an eco friendly lifestyle and using eco friendly promotional items without giving up on their comforts or luxuries. This inspired him and he realized that not many resources are needed for living a satisfying life.

On the other hand, this dream project of the couple can actually turn into a financial disaster if they do not handle it carefully. To build an eco-friendly home, they will need special insulation for the foundation. This will cost them a minimum of $200 per square foot. A conventional home would have required them to spend $100 for the same. Not just that, they will also have to get energy efficient appliances.

A financial planner based in San Diego, Marc Roland said that Kelly and Victor will be able to make it by thinking smart. He said that they will have to keep a track on their expenses and save a lot. If they plan to take a loan, they should not go for anything that will charge them more than half of the cost of their home.