Have you always wanted to go green but are not sure what to do? Is it just too expensive to buy all organic products?

If you live in New Zealand, enter: The Eco Collective!

This new green subscription box aimed at busy individuals and families. The goal is to help ease making their homes and lives more sustainable.

Delivering a box of quality, eco-friendly items, each month's new selection of items will target a particular lifestyle area.

Moms Cindy Carleton and Susi Lay, from Waitakere Ranges in Auckland, New Zealand, are behind the box. They developed the Eco Collective after finding that the time and effort needed to make sustainable changes could be quite research and time intensive.

"We wanted to create a service to help those wanting to make a change in their life but have found it overwhelming when presented with all the options. We're all busy so The Eco Collective is a way of recognizing that and helping make small but consistent steps," says Lay.

Customers have the option of purchasing one box at a time; they can also sign up for a more cost effective monthly subscription.

"To purchase everything at once would be cost prohibitive for many. By spreading out the payments and delivering directly, we hope to make sustainability much more achievable for the average household," adds Carleton.

The first box, available in New Zealand until November 25th, 2018, is titled The Eco Starter. Items inside include a Joco coffee cup, Honeywrap food wraps, and a book intended to start customers off on their low waste journey entitled How to Give Up Plastic.

New Zealand is located in the southern hemisphere, so December's already decided theme of summer picnics and eating outdoors might sound odd to Americans, but the future offerings include pantry, laundry, bathroom, office, and other seasonal themes. And nobody said you couldn't buy the December box and save it for spring, which is only three months later. Eventually The Eco Collective plans to offer refills for particular items and resell the most popular boxes. They will also be looking into international shipping for the future.

Since the box isn't available in America quite yet, there are other ways you can start your eco-friendly journey. Everything included in this month's box can be shipped worldwide from the company website or an authorized retailer. A box description can be found on The Eco Collective's website. Alternatively, you can also use things such as reusable grocery bags and lunch boxes, reusable water bottles, seed paper, and even umbrellas made with recycled materials in place of the single use items you use now.