As eco living and eco home products gain popularity, it looks as though eco wood is not the answer. A study out of the UK is showing that eco woods are not eco-friendly. As you learn more bout these products, remember that you can still take steps at home to make it a little more green.

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What is Eco Wood?

Eco wood products are a type of wood you use in a fireplace or wood-burning stove. These products were once billed as eco-friendly. Plus, they were supposed to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions. However, a study from the UK shows that new eco-friendly wood products produce 750 times more pollution than a modern lorry (18-wheeler.)

As a result, homeowners are breathing in more particulate matter than they should. The study also noted that a particle known as PM2.5 is often inhaled when burning wood. This particle can get into the lungs and even reduce life expectancy.

Sadly, eco-friendly products used in fireplaces will promise even more of this particle.

Alternatives to Eco Wood

Scientific American addressed this issue over a decade ago. The magazine encouraged homeowners to use wood pellets or gas inserts. Instead of using eco wood, you can install solar panels around your property that store energy from the sun. In the best cases, you can use a net metering account to sell excess energy back to the power company.

Convert to an electric heater, HVAC, water heater, etc. to allow your solar panels to power everything.

Doing Your Part for the Environment

As you consider how to get away from eco wood and go green in the house, look out for little things you can do for the environment. Try reusable bags for shopping. Store your household items in recycled bags. Pack with recycled bags. You can even use eco coffee cups at work, metal water bottles to cut down on plastic use, and more. In all these things, your home gets a little greener every day.