There's nothing more frustrating than getting to class and having to fish through your monstrous backpack to find a pen buried under a mountain of textbooks in order to take notes. While I was in college at one point I considered using a pencil case like I used in elementary school, but the damage to my reputation it could caused made me shy away from it. I was so happy to find the electric messenger bag. The electric messenger bag is thirteen and a half inches wide and twelve and a quarter inches tall making it easy to accommodate large binders or textbooks. The electric messenger bag is made with extremely durable 600D PolyCanvas, which makes it perfect for everyday use, as it can easily survive being tossed around a dorm room or shoved under a desk. The electric messenger bag is made from environment-friendly material that can be recycled for future use.

Bring Your Electric Messenger Bag to School next Semester!

At Custom Earth Promos, we strive to make products that are high quality, exciting, and most importantly environmentally friendly. We believe in the preciousness of our Earth, and do everything that we can to create products that coincide with our devotion to the environment. We are proud to say that the electric messenger bag is one of these products. You can select one of four exciting color schemes when you order yours, and there is a generous five inch wide by four inch high imprint area which if ordered as a promotional item, will make your company's logo stand out. One of the most useful features of the electric messenger bag is the handy organization panel that houses separate slots for pens as well as a music player, with an additional slot to feed headphones through. The electric messenger bag also features a flexible shoulder strap with adjustable length and a carry handle so that you can comfortably travel with it without hurting yourself. Contact one of our friendly staff members at Custom Earth Promos to inquire about wholesale pricing for the electric messenger bag!