One of my fondest summer memories from when I was younger was participating in the library's summer reading club, earning different prizes as I read more books. When my family couldn't afford to travel, I felt like I could go wherever I wanted through reading. My brother and I used to compete to see who could read more books, and at my library when I was ten my brother and I collectively read enough books to win a prize where we could each take one friend in a limo to go see a movie of our choice, all this from reading books. These summer reading contests ignited my life long love affair with reading, and even today I try to always be reading a book for pleasure. It greatly enhanced my reading comprehension, expanded my vocabulary, and exposed me to topics that I would have otherwise never known about had I not read about them in books.

Leave some Promotional Custom Bookmarks at your Local Library!

The first prize that we would always receive for our first book was a bookmark, with each prize becoming more extravagant as we would read more and more and reach new levels. Basic psychology shows that positive reinforcement like offering prizes to promote good behavior and habits, specifically reading, strongly reinforces the desire to continue the behavior. This is part of the reason that summer reading programs exist, to do what they did for me in helping to develop a life long love of reading. Whether you are a parent, owner of a business, or even work at a library, recycled custom bookmarks are always useful and whether you need them for promotional reasons, or even to use as prizes in a reading contest, they are always a great, low cost item to distribute.