When you are choosing the face masks your employees will wear and you will sell, there are a few options. Make sure that you have thought this through and considered all your options. You can use the tips we have here if you are not sure what to do. Also remember that as face masks become more necessary, they may never truly go out of style. This can be something you carry through the flu and allergy season because wearing a mask in public has been normalized.

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Full Face Masks

When you use full face masks like the N95, you can be sure that the masks fits over your nose and mouth whether you like it or not. This is vitally important because you want to remain safe and give your customers safe options. Companies like 3M and Makrite carry these products, but you can also step down to something you can adjust.

The Folding or Cotton Masks

The folding or cotton masks are easier to use because they are made from light fabrics and you can pull them over your face as needed. These masks are not molded, and they typically have the accordion fold in the middle that makes them more adjustable. These fabrics are generally more breathable, and the cotton masks help you add a lovely pattern or design/logo.

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When you are ordering masks for your business, you can choose full face masks or folding/cotton masks depending on what works best. Some people prefer the more medical masks that might have FDA approval or NIOSH approval. You might also want to use some simpler masks just because they are light and easy to sell. Judge your mask purchases and designs based on what your customers and your employees need. You can place your order today at Custom Earth Promos.