Organization. Organization, organization, organization. If there is one key word to sum up the quality you need to be successful in business, or just in life in general, it is organization. With Custom Earth Promo's flashy messenger bag, any anxiety you have about being prepared will melt away. The flashy messenger bag is twelve inches wide and thirteen and three quarters inches wide to accommodate large items without being cumbersome. The flashy messenger bag has a thickness of one hundred twenty five GSP, and is available in black, red, and purple. It is made from ninety GSM non-woven-polypropylene reinforced with thirty five GSM lamination, and has webbed black accents and a hang tag listing the details of your positive environmental impact. The flashy messenger bag features a long should strap that can be adjusted in length to the needs of the wearer. The flashy messenger bag also includes a flap on the front end that is secured with Velcro, and opens to its spacious interior.

Show off Your Eco-Friendly Company with Flashy Messenger Bag

If you are considering using the flashy messenger bag as a promotion item, it has an imprint space of seven inches by seven inches for maximum brand visibility without being overwhelming. Custom Earth Promos not only prides itself in producing high quality products, but products that meet a high standard of environmental consciousness. Despite its name, the flashy messenger bag is more substance than style, and is an extremely functional product designed to help you stay prepared and organized. Contact Custom Earth Promos directly for information regarding wholesale pricing for the flashy messenger bag or any of our other great promotional products!