In order to increase the profits of the waste management authorities within the county, the officials in Flathead County have decided to make a few changes to their recycling program. With the help of the present recycling program, the officials have been able to reduce the amount of waste in the landfills. However, the officials from the county are finding it hard to maintain the cost of the present recycling system, and so they have decided to make a few alterations to it.

Changes in the Recycling System with Printed Custom Bags

At present, the waste management authorities in Flathead County have a contract with the Valley Recycling services. So the Valley Recycling officials help the county in its recycling activities. However, the officials are trying to change their contract terms with the company in order to save up on some expenses. This is because the officials from the Flathead County Solid Waste Board studied the expenditure pattern of the county, on its recycling activities. After a lot of research, the officials found that the county's present recycling system can lead to a lot of economic problems in the future. So they have decided to change their contract and collaborate with a few private companies.

The county's 5-year contract with Valley Recycling ended in the month of January 2013. During this 5 year period, the county made a profit of approximately $1,028 only in the year 2000. However, in all the 5 years, the county has only incurred losses due to this collaboration. As a matter of fact, since the year 1998, the county had incurred a loss of approximately $361,091.14 in all its recycling activities. Keeping these statistical figures in mind, the county officials have sent out invitations to all the private companies in the region, as they want to formulate a new recycling program with a locally based company.

The Officials Promote Printed Custom Bags

Apart from changing the present recycling program, the officials in the county are also promoting printed custom bags among the residents. According to Dave Prunty, the Solid Waste Director of the county, the waste management authorities within the county are trying to make their recycling system more effective. He stated that cutting the cost of the recycling program will be a challenging task for the authorities, but they will not compromise on the quality of their program to save on costs. As a matter of fact, the authorities are going to try their best to improve their recycling rates, while altering the recycling program. So in an attempt to increase the county's recycling rate, the authorities are promoting eco-friendly items such as reusable bags among the residents.