Designer David Walton and his wife belong to an emerging group of conscious manufacturers and designers of environment friendly jewelry items who make their designs using recycled gold, silver and precious stones for their customers. There is a sustained campaign by retailers of jewelry products and conscious citizens called “No Dirty Gold” under which raw materials from ethical resources are used. The group works with nonprofit organizations and end customers to create awareness about using products which have been sourced in environment friendly manner and do not affect communities or environment in any adverse manner. These jewelry producers prefer using recycled precious metals and stones from responsible sources.

How About Some Environment Friendly Jewelry?

The “No Dirty Gold” campaign is an international movement, which ensures that precious materials are mined in a responsible and sustainable manner without damaging environment or human resources. The campaign spreads awareness among buyers and manufacturers about impact of irresponsible mining on environment and to extend support this group so they can exert pressure on governments to strengthen anti-pollution laws. The campaign also supports rights of communities where these gold mines are located so they can decide about initiating mining activities in their area and methods of sharing the wealth to sustain effect on environment.

Walton and his wife are contributing their bit to this campaign by using recycled precious metals and stones from old jewelry pieces or which have been certified as conflict-free. These old gold pieces are melted and refined before being re-alloyed to be cast as freshly designed pieces as decided by customers. Since he designs and fabricates the jewelry himself, highest purity is maintained in all his finished products. He is also able to convey message about use of ethical jewelry to his end customers.

As a conscious buyer of ethically made jewelry, ensure that your jeweler follows Golden Rules defined by “No Dirty Gold” campaign. There is a list of retailers who have pledged their support to this campaign and are also following prescribed practices online which conscious buyers can look into before making their purchase of jewelry. To make this campaign a success effort of a large group of people and government agencies is required who together can ensure cleaner mining practices which do not exploit anyone.

Environment Friendly Jewelry That Can Help Create Awareness

To ensure success of this noble campaign of “No Dirty Gold” awareness needs to be created within buyers and retailers who refrain from using products, which have been manufactured or sourced from unethical means. Several eco-friendly promotional items can be used for this purpose. One of the best options would be a simple ring that people use for varied occasions like marriage, engagement or commemorative events.