Wholesale shopping bags are a great item that you can buy if you are tired of having the same old plastic or paper bags. The nice thing about bags that are fashioned out of cloth or other types of materials is that they are normally going to be recyclable. They are also usually going to be made of recycled materials and are therefore both more environmentally and economically friendly. Plastic bags are so thin that they tear or stretch to the point of breaking, but they also tend to clog the environment up and not decay for long periods of time. Paper bags are bulky and hard to manage, fall apart if it is raining or windy, and tend to tear quite easily if hard edges poke them.

Customearthpromos.com is a great place where you can stop worrying about plastic and paper bags, and instead focus both your funds and attention on things like wholesale shopping bags that will last each person who receives them a very long time. These are high quality, durable, and usually come with reinforced handles that stand up to the damage and wear and tear of use. Furthermore, they also come in many forms such as the large shopping bags you see from clothing stores, and also drawstring bags like the ones you'll put valuables in to protect them from moisture.

Be sure that when you are shopping for wholesale shopping bags that you take into consider that the individual bag may in fact cost more than a single paper or plastic bag. Many of these reusable bags cost anywhere from .75 cents to 1.50, but they are worth it. They will not fall apart, are not flimsy, and automatically come with a handle which is durable. Normal bags just do not hold up to these standards, but other than paper bags, no other types of bags are as environmentally friendly either. Do you want to be able to choose bags that have labels on them such as those from well-known businesses, or perhaps from a favorite movie or comic book? You can get customized bags that are wonderful and feature this.

Great examples of the bags that you can get if you are shopping for wholesale shopping bags are example like the ones you see at Sprint, Nextel, Gatorade, Rhapsody, Pinkberry, The North Face, and even John Deer. The difference is that the bag you order from Custom Earth Promos will not be cheap plastic or paper, but a reinforced bag made from recycled materials that will hold up to 10 pounds within it before even coming close to breaking. This is a great way to keep your vibrant shopping bags from those name brand stores, but in a form that you can use indefinitely instead of a simple plastic bag.