Meet Bag Snaggers, an enterprising squad of New York City, who remove plastic bags and other trash caught in trees with their unique device. Now you know what to do when you spot a stubborn plastic shopping bag stuck in a tree- just call the Bag Snaggers, who will remove the bag from the tree.

Bag Snaggers to the Rescue to Get Plastic Bags off Trees

The New York Restoration Project which is the brainchild of actor Bette Midler, created the Bag Snaggers, a team of men and women from NYC who work towards removal of plastic bags and other debris caught up in the trees of the city.

This group removes plastic bags off trees on request from locals and has been successfully preserving the green spaces of New York. The device they use is a really clever one, inexpensive and effective at the same time. With a patented design by jeweler Tim McClelland, it is made of a fiberglass pole which can be extended as long as 40 feet. There is a pruning hook on the end, which is used to pull or cut away plastic bags and other debris caught in the trees- all it takes is a slight twist of the pole.

The crew of Bag Snaggers work more vigorously from November to March, when the trees do not have much leaves on them and trash caught up in branches is more visible. The crew uses caution to avoid damaging leaves and branches of the trees while carrying out the job. This requires good hand-eye co-ordination and arm strength.

This unique effort has helped curb plastic bag menace considerably in the city, though it would be much better if people would use more of promotional reusable bags instead of these single use plastic bags, which fly away in every possible direction and get stuck in trees.

Why People Need to Use Promotional Reusable Bags?

Plastic bags are a serious hazard to the environment and it is in the best interest of the environment as well as our children's future that we avoid using them. Going for reusable bags is definitely a good idea and will help us save the environment.

Companies can do their bit to promote eco-friendly habits by packaging their products in reusable bags and make it mandatory for their employees to use the same. They can also give away these bags as gifts to buyers and business associates. This way, they can help increase awareness about eco-friendly reusable bags.