Mardi Gras is a great time for you to reach more customers and go wild with your bright colors and styles. You want to touch on all the different colors and styles of the season while also reaching customers over each holiday. Some of your guests take this holiday seriously, and you can make more money simply by offering Mardi Gras bags.

Check out Custom Earth Promos when you need help creating bags for the Mardi Gras season.

Mardi Gras Bags—The Style

When you are creating Mardi Gras bags, your first instinct will be to go with green and purple. While that is a good idea for this holiday, you can also focus on what New Orleans is all about. Some nice images of the French Quarter or perhaps a nod to chicory coffee will make the bag look even more fun. Using a mixture of these ideas helps keep your bags fresh and fun.

Mix With a Sale

Mix your bags with a sale that you can easily offer over this holiday. When you give the bags away, your customers are more likely to reuse them, and come back in the future. You might also give these bags to your customers as a gift with purchase.

If you want to create a gift package, you can wrap these things in the bags before selling. You can hang a tag from the bag with the price, and you can even name the gift package. For example, your king cake goes in a bag named the king cake gift set.

Use these tips to ensure that you are ready for Mardi Gras, increase sales, and make a better impression on your customers. Reach out to our team online or over the phone to get your order started.