Last week, campers from Tallahassee, Florida's Oasis Center for Women & Girl's "Girls Can Do Anything" program launched their eco-friendly party supply business. This week, they'll team up with the city to beautify a retaining wall.

The city of Tallahassee will provide an opportunity for some of the younger residents to transform a bland, often graffiti-covered retaining wall into a work of art. On July 18, city leaders will join the campers in downtown Tallahassee to complete the project.

"This will be a wonderful experience for the girls, one that underscores the positive change that can occur when we work together for the betterment of our community. In addition to instilling the volunteer spirit in our youth and brightening up our downtown, we are hopeful that our artistic expression will help combat graffiti in the area."

Tallahassee, Florida, Commissioner Dianne Williams-Cox

Unrestricted graffiti on both public and private property can not only have negative effects on a community but is also a criminal offence. This project is the foreshadowing of a graffiti reduction pilot program recently approved by the city commission.

The program, which is to be implemented later this year, aims at not only preventing graffiti but putting an end to it. It will also include funding for murals through a portion of code enforcement fines.

On July 12, the girls launched their pop-up business, Party Tree Company. They featured green party supplies, such as biodegradable confetti, as well as workshops on how to make the products at home. Proceeds benefited Sustainable Tallahassee, the camp's business week service partner.

Girls Can Do Anything camp is offered by The Oasis Center for Women & Girls. The empowerment program connects girls, aged 5 to 13, with women both in history and the community across a wide variety of professions. This lets the girls practice the things they could very well become, build friendships, and discover their own strengths.

During the Girls Mean Business Week, campers visit local businesses and meet women. These women teach them about entrepreneurship, finance, marketing, and production. The girls then design and make everything, from the product and pricing to the logo and marketing.
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"The collaborations with local businesses, like Domi Station, Black Dog Café, Other Side Vintage, Sustainable Tallahassee, Railroad Square Art Park, and Full Press Apparel, are what make this week so special."

Oasis Executive Director Michelle Gomez

"We have been partnering with The Oasis Center for Women & Girls for the past six years to help empower girls to think creatively and with an entrepreneurial spirit. When girls can make their ideas come to life, they see that they truly can do anything!"

Business Owner Tracey Shrine

This year's business concept was centered around the girls' concern for the planet's health and finding ways to better the environment. Some of their products included reusable wraps made from fabric scraps and beeswax, birthday candles made out of old crayons, biodegradable confetti and glitter, gift bags crafted out of recycled t-shirts, and seed paper gift tags made from newspaper and native wildflower seeds.
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"The girls have had lots of fun learning how to care for our planet. They are working hard and so excited to share their knowledge and eco-friendly party products with Tallahassee, so we can all celebrate clean and green!"

Oasis Girls Empowerment Coordinator Celeste Cerro.