Your business need glossy shopping bags. You need that brightness and sheen that you cannot get anywhere else. These bags are designed to show off your logo. The colors pop. You cannot miss when you are using such a lovely bag. As you read, consider why you might want to swap from matte finishes to glossy.

We can handle your order for glossy shopping bags here at Custom Earth Promos at any time.

Why Glossy Shopping Bags?

Glossy shopping bags are going to get everyone's attention. In case you didn't know it, the eye is drawn to movement and changes in light. When light hits these bags, they pop. People will turn to see what it is, and they will see your logo. If you have placed many orders with us in the same color, people in your area will know it is your business.

This is like a spotlight shining on your marketing—a billboard that makes everyone look at it. Basically, you cannot miss it.

They Need To Be The Right Size

You need glossy shopping bags that are big enough to see. Yes, the light will hit a small bag and get people to notice. However, a bigger bag is going to be much easier to see overall. That is more important than anything. Your name, logo, email, and phone number are right there for everyone to see. Plus, it is easier to remember because it is attached to the AHA moment of turning around to see the bag.

When you place your order with us at Custom Earth Promos, we make sure you get the right color, size, and style. Our team can help you over the phone or live chat as you choose design and color. We also help you match your ideas to the right bag.