Seed paper business cards from Customearthpromos are a great way to spread the word about your company in an ecologically friendly manner. Impress prospective clients and existing business associates with these attractive, earth friendly cards.

Each card is made from 100% recycled paper and are dyed with environmentally friendly vegetable based all-natural pigments. Cards are available in twenty different colors and patterns including burgundy, pink, yellow, lime, terracotta, and forest, and many others. Also available are ribbons in six different colors- blue, brown, green, red, hemp and white. Envelopes are also available for ordering, generally these are white but can be customized in a variety of hues. The imprint area of each card is three and a half inches by two inches.

Each business card is filled with enough seeds to grow two separate plants. Simply tear the business card in two and plant it. After this is done, simply water and watch your plants grow! The seeds are kept safe in part by a proprietary ink printing system that keeps the seeds healthy and viable.

There are a wide variety of seeds available to suit your needs. Anything from trees and shrubs to vegetables and flowers can be implanted into the card. Imagine your customers delight when they plant the card and a wonderful flower grows. Help build relationships with a restaurant owner by giving him a card which will grow into useful herbs right on business properties. A realtor can give one out to prospective buyers, inviting them to plant a tree in memory of the day they first bought their dream home. Or give them out to promote your own green business, the uses for these unique cards are virtually endless.

These unique cards also provide an entertaining talking point. This can be useful to help break the ice and defuse the stress that is normally associated with doing business for the first time. Provide a personal touch to your business, something all together missing in modern business.

Seed Paper Business cards are a great way to achieve a long lasting, personal connection with a prospective client. And the cards from Customearthpromos are made of high quality materials with an exacting eye towards details ensure the cards you order are received on time and are of the highest quality.