Had Enough of Plastic Shopping Bags?

Shoppers have noticed that those plastic bags grocers provide have gotten more, not less, unreliable. Choosing a shopping bag with enough strength leads shoppers back to bags make from cloth. There are a number of reasons to choose cloth over plastic shopping bags:
. Cloth bags last longer and are more durable
. Cloth bags are available in a wide range of sizes for most shopping needs
. Grocers tend to offer a discount for choosing reusable bags
. There's no need to recycle as with plastic bags
. They are easy to keep clean. Just toss in the washer and dryer
. Cloth bags save the environment

The Best Reason to Consider Cloth Bags for Shopping
Cloth bags are great for a host of purposes in addition to shopping. They can be used for a multitude of jobs like taking clothes to the dry cleaners or for use as beach bags to store an extra beach towel, hat or a few books. Shoppers love them most for their stylish appeal and comfort. They are available in sturdy fabric with a strong box bottom construction for easy transport.

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Take Along a Shopping Bag of Cloth Fabric
Cloth fabric is flexible enough to fold conveniently. Shopping bags of cloth can easily be tucked into a purse. When it's time to check out, your shopping bag is ready to lighten your load. No more annoying tears or broken plastic bag handles and no more groceries spilled or broken. Impulse shoppers love their cloth bags for those sudden "shop till you drop" unexpected sales. When using your new, sturdy cloth bag just pop your purse or handbag inside and make your cloth bag serve double duty to protect the valuables in your purse or handbag while you shop in large crowds.