Going Green is a forward movement that focuses on protecting the environment from harmful behaviors that humans put forth. Creating harmful gasses and releasing them into the atmosphere and more importantly, increasing the amount of non-biodegradable garbage. Plastic bags as well as some new synthetic bags do not break down to become part of the soil. Some plastics, like bags and water bottles take up to ten years to fully biodegrade. Implementing a reusable 'green' shopping bag when you shop or clothing, accessories, or food can help take hundreds of non-degradable bags out of the equation.

There are many reusable shopping bags to consider. Many are made out of eco-friendly materials, such as items that were transformed into a reusable source. These bags are machine washable, making them easy to clean and care for. When these shopping bags first hit the consumer market, they made quite a statement. Everywhere you look now, there are bags that assist the environment. Wastes from plastic bags are reduced dramatically. The cost of each bag is around 40 cents to a dollar, depending on where it is bought. Online promotional grocery bags are available at a lesser cost due to manufacturer quantities.

Promotional grocery bags come in different types. There are bags made out of bamboo, which is one of the newest materials. Because the bamboo plant is so fast growing, it is a reliable and renewable source for materials in dealing with green bags. They are extremely durable and long lasting. The cotton tote is also very popular. These bags can be more easily organic due to the cotton plant. Jute bags have the feel of a burlap sack kind of material, however they are one of the most durable bags. Manufacturers like to keep the bag of its original material and feel to keep with the organic and raw vision. Lastly, there are recycled bags which are made from recyclable materials, like soda cans, plastic bottles, and paper combined with a synthetic material.

When looking at the types of shopping bags that the consumer has to choose from, the positive aspects of them, and the extremely low cost, it is possible to buy in bulk while still maintaining affordability. Reusable shopping bags are a necessity if we are to keep the earth cleaner than it has been. If everyone switched to using these shopping bags, the world would be rid of many plastics and garbage that is not necessary in the first place.