Environmentally Healthy Paper with Bulk Seed Cards 

Earth is a large planet with various forms of life that live on it. Cutting down trees rids forest creatures of their home. It sounds even more horrid when thinking these trees are being cut just for paper! Think of the squirrels, and birds that have been thrown out of their home. The environment feels this change harsh change in the atmosphere and on the ground. We may not realize that such changes have been made. Trees give us oxygen, and oxygen means we can breath. Without trees most of our air would be un-breathable.

Most people consider paper as an object that can be wasted. Our trees may feel otherwise because they are being cut down to create this so called unlimited paper. On the other hand, Seed paper is hand made with multiple plant seeds. This ulterior way of making paper, can save cutting down just a few trees. The environment will most likely feel a difference if people begin to buy bulk seed paper instead of buying in bulk normal paper.

Bulk seed paper is made as an eco friendly alternative to everyday paper found in note-books. Just like regular paper this eco friendly material can be bought in an assortment of colors, and sizes. Wedding invitations, business cards, designer paper, and artistic paper can all be made out of this eco-friendly paper. It can also be made in a variety of styles. Seed paper is tested for germination, and purity. In fact, It has been approved in the United States, Canada, and world wide.

Seed paper is made by recycled paper, and consumer waste products. This paper is free from ruining the environment. It can also be planted, and reused after the manufacturing process of making the paper. Today the world id trying to find better ways to treat our earth. One good step is changing the paper we use so that other creatures do not be forced outside their home. The going green project has targeted cars, ways to produce energy, and now our paper. Earth is our home and treating it well is just as important as taking care of ourselves.