To curb the issue of electronic waste in third world countries, an organization named Green Citizen has taken up the initiative to recycle electronic waste in different cities in the U.S. The founder of the organization, James Kao states that he was disheartened by the fact that various electronic products such as computers, microwaves, and refrigerators are disposed to various cities in China and Africa from the U.S. So he decided to start an organization that would recycle the excess electronic waste in the country.

A Creative Initiative to Reduce Electronic Waste During the Holidays

Green Citizen, as an organization, collects electronic waste in the San Francisco Bay region. Once the electronic waste is collected, the organization ensures that it is recycled into various raw materials and sold in the market again. At present, the organization is gearing up to dispose the additional waste that will be collected during the holiday season.

According to experts, most families dispose their old electronics during the holiday season, as they purchase new appliances or receive gifts during this season. Barbara Kyle, a coordinator for the Electronics TakeBack Coalition states that people are excited to buy the latest gadgets during the holiday season. So the e-waste collected during these months is way higher than the rest of the year, she added. 

Statistically, around 2.4 million tons of electronic waste is generated every year in the U.S, and most of it is collected during the holiday season. These figures have been approved by the EPA or the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. So Green Citizen is expecting a 30 percent jump in its waste collection in the coming few days.

Encouraging Eco-Friendly Promotional Items and Electronic Waste

Once the organization collects electronic waste, Green Citizen ensures that the waste is not sent to the landfills meant for waste disposal. The organization is very particular about whom they partner with, and thus most of their alliances are certified recycling agencies. So the organization sends the electronic waste to their recycling agencies that convert it into eco friendly promotional items. This initiative, which was started as an eco-friendly enterprise, has turned out to be a profitable business as well. As a matter of fact, the organization is expecting to earn revenue of around $2.5 million by the end of this year. With the increased revenue, James Kao is planning on spreading his operations to New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles as well.