Over the last five years, reusable bags, or “green bags”, have become almost a staple of our shopping experience. Whether it's groceries at the supermarket, or our favorite clothing brands, a large portion of stores now offer the opportunity to take our shopping away in a more attractive recycled bag with logo. So, with the most significant retailers working with eco-bags, how can you encourage your customers to use them?

1. Beat Them at Their Own Game

While most eco-bags, or recycled bags with logo, cost one or two dollars at the most, it's not the price itself that deters people from buying them – it's the fact that they have to dish out anything extra at all. The best way to approach this is to beat them at their own mind game, in other words, introduce a small cost for plastic disposable bags in your store. This way the only options they have are to help the environment by bringing their own bags or to actively pay to hinder the environment. Ensure, as well, that the cost of your eco-bags are reasonable and not in place simply to turn an additional profit.

2. Increase the Offers

Many fashion outlets that now offer the option of an eco-bag, add a little bonus. Part of the sum paid for the bag will be donated to a charity. This addition not only means people can help save the environment but they can also help a relevant cause. When choosing a charity to support, think about your customers and what they could most relate to. For example, many fashion stores support causes such as breast cancer or anorexia, which are relevant to their female target market.

3. Fashion Trumps All

When it comes right down to it, people are not going to carry a bag that is not attractive. Get creative, find a bag and a design that is unique and interesting. Maybe order a range of colors and sizes and always keep your customers in mind. If your store is not a recognized brand or perhaps something wouldn't usually be proud to publicize, an attractive bag with a great look can make people more comfortable sporting your brand name and logo. This, in turn, gives you the added benefit of more people walking the streets representing your brand effectively meaning these promotional bags are a good investment for your business and the environment!

4. The Big Rule

The most obvious way to encourage customers to use eco-bags is, of course, not to have any other option in the store. Get rid of your plastic bags altogether and help your customers support environmentally friendly shopping!