The Green Gypsie, a retail store that sells eco-friendly, recycled items celebrated its second birthday on the 19th of this month. For the founders of the store, namely Amanda Reifel and Angela Rossi, an eco-friendly lifestyle was not enough, they wanted to spread the word about ‘Going Green'. The eco-chic store has handmade merchandise, and it specializes in eco-friendly promotional items. Based in Claremont, the store sells recycled and re-purposed merchandise, to be sold as gifts, or as home décor. On the anniversary date, all items will receive a 10 percent discount as a promotional offer.

United States Eco-Friendly Citizens Go Green with Green Gypsie

Green Gypsie sources its stock from independent crafts persons across the United States. The owners like to be eco-friendly and the purpose of this lifestyle of theirs and their store is to reuse, recycle and re-purpose. As such, they have a lot of items on sale that proves this slogan of theirs. Bowls crafted from fruits and vegetables, recycled cardboard used to make animals and even Bluetooth speakers made from Victrolas. The founders believe this work will not only result in less waste but more environmental awareness too.

The founders met when Rossi became neighbors to Reifel. The former started working for Reifel's website, wherein they expanded on the idea and Green Gypsie was born. Thus what others view as garbage, willing to throw it out, Green Gypsie converts them back into a usable item and work of art. Also at the anniversary event at the store, 10 percent of the sales of the day will be donated to Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden. Clienteles will also be able to give their ideas a go that day, as there will be a free craft table where they will be able to make eco-friendly art, or even compose a song.

Along Come Eco-Friendly Promotional Items from Green Gypsie

The proliferation of eco-friendly promotional items has received a massive boost in the recent times, as more and more awareness about the environment comes into the minds of people. This eco-friendliness of people can be taken a step further by incorporating this idea into organizations. Companies can recycle, and form policies that make them follow eco-friendly sustainable ways of working, so that the awareness of such can be generated in their employees. They can also organize events and awareness campaigns that help to spread the message of eco-friendliness.