There are rumors about building a computer that can soon start thinking. Is that a sign of human evolution or that of machines? Scientists have time and again warned us of the day when we will be overpowered by the comfort gadgets give us. Our own immunity and resistance will have to take a bow to scientific improvements. Really, smart technologies are not as smart as they are made out to be.

Green Houses for a Green Space

Perhaps your friend boasts of a house chock-full of green gadgets and you are reminded of an oxymoron. What gadget can be better than natural daylight? Which one of them can help you enjoy a stable temperature as well as high ceilings and strategically placed windows? If you are looking to have a green space, use natural elements where possible and don't rely on smart options that aren't so smart anyway.

Science, used correctly and moderately, is a boon. Too much of it just diverts our focus on the natural solutions to many problems. For example, thermostats that help you maintain a suitable temperature with the twist of a knob are not required when you can achieve the same with high ceilings, good ventilation achieved by large windows and letting the sunshine help you see and gain energy. Having said the above, there are times when certain gadgets are required, especially in extreme weather conditions. The idea is to rely on them when required, not just because they come with the “smart” tag.

Building a functional home that gives you as much comfort as it possibly can is not an easy task. Instead of having heat control devices, look at green houses with solar panels or insulated walls, which let natural sunlight do its trick. There are homes that have “smart” gyms right in sprawling mansions, built so luxuriously that you don't have to strain yourself by climbing a single stair. However, whats is the use of it when climbing up and down stairs can do the trick, without you losing a lot of money and sleep on expensive equipment.

Eco-Friendly Promotional Items for Green Houses

Green homes help you lead a healthy life without the aid of expensive gadgets that make a man's life less governed by nature and more by gadgets. Some of the common ones used are storm water collectors, insulation in walls such as fiberglass and recycled cotton and cellulose, glass tiles in roofs, etc. Many companies are passionate in helping constructing green homes. Many even offer eco-friendly promotional items that are less hazardous, cheaper and connect them with nature and its benefits.