A domestic laundry room is more than the sum of its parts. Not only the family clothes get washed and cleaned here, it is the room where you can make a positive environmental contribution to the planet we live in. It is the perfect supplement to the eco-friendly items you have been purchasing. Going green is effortless and will give you great satisfaction.

For a Greener and Cleaner Laundry Room

You can transform your laundry room into an environmentally friendly zone simply by choosing the right products you utilize to keep your clothes and house furnishings clean. The first step in this direction is to select “green” certified equipment.

When you plan to buy a new washing machine, search for a model with an Energy Star label. An efficient washer will consume 50 percent less water and power. When you wash, make sure to make it a full load. Select the temperature of the water to the minimum, which corresponds to how much dirty the clothes were and the kind of fabric to be washed. In the case of dryers, you have a choice between two technologies: electric and gas. Whatever the technology, the dryer should have moisture sensor so that it switches off the instant the clothes are completely dried. For maximum efficiency, clean the rigid dryer vent.

Many companies offer eco-friendly promotional items in the form of bio-degradable detergents made from minerals or plants which do not harm the environment in any way. The basin or small sink in the laundry room can be used for a number of purposes. If you presoak stained garments, a considerable amount of energy can be saved for getting them clean in the washing machine. One of many home methods to extend cloth longevity is to soak them in a mixture of water, salt, and white vinegar. Many green living enthusiasts save water by washing them in the sink instead of in the washing machine. The water temperature is kept at room temperature to save more energy.

Eco-Friendly Laundry Room Items Can Save You Money

Many companies offer retail eco-friendly promotional items like softeners and laundry detergents which are not derived from hydrocarbons or petroleum. These natural products save not only the environment but also money. Industrial grade environment harming products can be easily substituted with natural products that not only cleans the clothes but also the machine. For the keen gardener, the greywater from the washing machine can be excellently used in the garden. This saves a lot of fresh water. Dryer sheets can be substituted by wool dryer balls. These balls reduce drying time by a whopping 30 percent. They also eliminate static which increases the life span of the dryer.

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