Just Energy, a world leading company in renewable energy and green living, has ranked the state of Hawaii the number three location for eco-friendly singles in search of love.

The Just Energy team pulled data on each state's singles per capita, creating a ranked list. The rankings also take into consideration how "green friendly" each state's "dating atmospheres" are. This includes the number of Electric Vehicle charging stations and how many vegetarian restaurants there are. Oregon topped the rankings with 1.57 single-person households (by million), 118.8 EV stations per 1 million people, 41.4 vegan/vegetarian restaurants per 1 million people, and a 62.1 (out of 100) well-being index score. The worst state in the nation is Wyoming, coming in at 51 (DC was included; it took spot two.) with only 0.22 single-person households, 64.5 EV stations, 8.7 restaurants, and no data available for their well-being index score.

With more progressive populations and plenty of earth-friendly date options, nine of the top ten states in the country were coastal. The singles ready to mingle live in Oregon, DC, Hawaii, Washington, New York, Maine, Florida, Massachusetts, Nevada (the only outlier), and California. Alaska, despite having the most coastline and the highest well-being scores, came in second to last for green-dating. The data also correlates with online green dating trends from GreenSingles.com and the Conscious Dating Network.

According to Jill Crosby, founder of the Conscious Dating Network, "Our members tend to have jobs and businesses that are in alignment with their hearts and values. Many of our members have jobs and own businesses in the renewable energy industry and are involved with charitable organizations that help others and create more sustainability."

To actually find a like-minded partner, you might have to be in the right place at the right time. Some activities and locations recommended in Hawaii, by news organization Big Island Now, include:

Get closer to nature while you take in the forest canopy at speeds of up to 45 miles an hour with Kohala Zipline. Among the Big Island activities certified as a sustainable Tour Operator by the Hawaii Ecotourism Association, this is sure to be a screaming good time.

If it's a nice meal you're after, you can find a local and fresh lunch or dinner at Foster's Kitchen in Kona. Collaborating with local farmers, the menu incorporates local products from craft beers to locally produced kombucha to fresh breads to Kona coffee.

Still hungry but don't want to go out? the Kona Sunset Market can help with that. Open every Wednesday from 2:00--6:00 pm, this farmer's market will make sure that you only buy the freshest ingredients from the most local Hawaiian residents.