Consumers who think it is hard to find gifts that are organic can now be relieved, as is planning on organizing a whole day eco friendly promotional items sale, called “Green Tuesday.” This sale will be organized in the last week of November and will showcase organic products that are meant to be used as holiday gifts.

Holiday Shopping with a Twist on Green Tuesday

The co-founder of, Jonah Mytro, feels that unlike Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Green Tuesday will spread the holiday season's joy and will promote organic lifestyle to preserve the environment as well. She plans on organizing this event every year on the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving. According to her, this event will definitely appeal to shoppers with an eco friendly mindset, but it may intrigue other people as well. She feels that people spend a lot of money on purchasing holiday gifts, so this event will help them rationalize their purchases and will be an excellent medium to try and propagate organic lifestyles as well. Boosting Eco-Friendly Promotional Items

As an organization, facilitates green businesses by offering them a discount. So through their website, consumers can purchase reasonable eco friendly products during the whole year. The website also has a tips feature which helps consumers plan their purchases in a sustainable manner, so they can cut down on their expenses as well. Using eco friendly bags is one way to do that.

Companies Participating in the Green Tuesday Event

Many green companies have joined in their initiative and will be displaying their products at Green Tuesday. Sameer Joshi, co-founder of Funkoos Inc, one of the green companies participating in the event, stated that their company loves the idea of the event and is participating in it to try and increase awareness about organic lifestyles.

Funkoos is an organic clothing brand that manufactures its products in India and is one of the 30 green companies that are participating in the event. Another company that will be seen at the event is The Green Bride Guide, a wedding dress store based in New Haven. This brand handcrafts organic wedding gowns and will showcase them at the event.

Apart from propagating organic lifestyles, this event is a great way to advertise and expand the consumer market for such products. The founder and chief executive officer of The Green Bride Guide, Kate L. Harrison states that Green Tuesday is a great way to highlight green businesses. She feels that such a forum will popularize organic products in the consumer industry and will help making the business more competitive.