Keeping in mind the increasing issue of waste disposal, Greenbean, a Somerville based initiative has formulated a software system that can make a great add-on to recycling machines which are manufactured by other firms and Greenbean as well. The Chief Executive Officer and the Founder of the Greenbean Recycle, Shanker Sahai stated that when he used recycling machines, he was perturbed by the fact that people needed to use receipts to tabulate the amount of waste they were recycling. So he decided to formulate the software that would help recyclers keep an account of their recycling points easily.

Greenbean's Innovative Software and Recycling Machines

This software designed by Greenbean needs to be installed on recycling machines. It acts like real-time analytics when installed on any system. The points earned by all the recyclers are saved as energy points in the system. Through this system, the machines will keep a record of the number of cans or containers that are deposited by all the recyclers into the machine.

Once the number of containers that are deposited in the machine are calculated, the software will analyze the amount of waste that is reduced from the landfill. In simple terms, the software will tabulate the weight of the containers that are collected in the machine, and analyze the amount of garbage that is being transferred from the landfills to the machines. These statistics will be calculated in terms of kWh.

Encouraging Recycling Machines and Eco-Friendly Promotional Items

The purpose of this software is to reward the recyclers in efficient ways. If the recyclers have to maintain a record of all the deposits that they are making, they might not be interested in recycling all their items. Since the software keeps a tab on the items that are being recycled by all the recyclers, the recyclers' work becomes relatively easy.

Shanker Sahai stated that at present, there is a need to encourage the usage of eco friendly promotional items. When the recyclers deposit their containers in recycling machines, this software will immediately show them their contribution to save the landfill pollution. This will not only encourage the recyclers to recycle more, but will also make them realize how much more they need to recycle. To make the process of recycling a bit more exciting, the software has a gaming feature as well. Sahai states that his initiative's ultimate goal is to increase the level of recycling in the individuals and thus combating the issue of waste disposal into landfills.