The Post-Consumer Plastics Recyclers Association recently launched new resources online, which were created in order to help the grocery chains in the United States of America recycle more used plastic containers. Instead of emptying the containers in landfills, the program aims at recycling over 350 million pounds of these containers, which are generated on a yearly basis by over 35,000 mid to large sized supermarkets in the United States of America.

The Association had created a site online, which includes a technical service assistance, how-to guide, list of the companies that invest in recovered plastics, educational videos, training materials and worksheets. Using these measures will not only help evaluate the potential cost saving and revenues, but also will help with keeping the environment clean.

Grocery Chains Can Help in Stimulating Growth of Rigid Plastics Recycling

The grocery stores in the US can help in stimulating the increasing growth of recycling rigid plastics. By increasing the growth of plastics recovery, the feedstock volumes can also be increased, which are currently flowing in to the plastics reclaimers in North America, according to what the Association report stated. It also said that the rapidly increasing demand for recycled plastic packaging will help the grocers play quite an important part in the recycling opportunity.  The recycled materials can be used to create recycled plastic bags that can be used in grocery stores.

Rigid Plastics and Usage of Eco-Friendly Promotional Items Are Top Green Measures

With the entire country going ahead with practicing green measures in order to lead a more sustainable lifestyle, recycling and using eco-friendly promotional items seem to be the most popular measures. Plastic containers represent as a valuable resource for the recyclers and are also a potential revenue line for the grocery chains, which will not only collect them but also recycle them.

Used PP and HDPE rigid plastics are generated primarily in any store's bakery, seafood, deli and pharmacy departments, said the Association sources. Most of the national retailers and supermarkets have taken an initiative in adopting sustainable practices for packaging, in an effort to help increase the rate of recycling of plastic and paper as well.

Most of the time, packaging is more in comparison to the actual item inside the package. By reducing the excessive packaging, the companies can become all the more efficient, which allows more safe shipping and storing of products. It also helps with reducing the amount of natural resources used to create the packaging and operate the entire supply chain.