Seed paper has become a popular material to use for cards. This paper is bio degradable, and seed with a variety of flower or herb seeds. Seed cards are unique ways to advertise and say thank you to customers or employees. Plantable paper is constructed of recycled paper infused with plant seeds. Just like other types of paper, this is easy to print on and customize for any occasion.

For many businesses getting into the greener Earth movement, seed cards are perfect to hand out to potential customers. Here are a few reasons why seed cards are good for business and how to use them.

1. They are Green!
Just think if every business card was a seed card. We get business cards regularly. We toss them out regularly as well. Imagine if every business card that was thrown into a landfill were seed cards. The landfill would be a pretty place planted with flowers.

2. Very Customizable.
Business cards are not the only seeded cards that can be made with plantable paper. They make great contact postcards or thank you cards for customers or clients. The only limit to what type of seed cards you use is your imagination. They make great greeting cards for any occasion.

3. They Are Easy To Grow
You do not have to be a Master Gardner to grow the herbs and flowers that are infused in the seed paper. It is so simple to plant the seeds. Simply place in the garden or an indoor container, cover with a bit of dirt, water and grow. The bio degradable paper will feed the seeds as they sprout.

People really do plant these seed paper cards. Whether they know it or not, the seed paper is planted. Some are planted in offices, some in home gardens, and even the ones that get tossed away will get planted. Remember, they are biodegradable, as long as they are put in dirt, they will grow.

This seed paper is not just for businesses. They are great as party favors for weddings, showers and birthdays. Seed cards are perfect for any occasion or celebration. Everyone loves flowers and herbs. Seed paper decorations send a message of eco friendliness and are appropriate for any business or occasion.

Order seed paper the next time you have an event or need new business cards. Give recipients a gift that will keep on giving and help save the Earth.