Following the footsteps of PayLess Supermarkets, DNA Evolution recently announced its plans to promote eco-friendly practices in the community. According to a report, the clothing store based in Guam is promoting the green message through artsy reusable bags available at the DNA Evolution store. This initiative was started by local supermarket chain PayLess whose campaign 'Mission: Zero Bags' is aimed at saving at least one million disposable plastic shopping bags from affecting the environment every week. Following this, several other businesses in the local community have stepped up their plans to protect the environment.

Guam Is Going Green with Memorable Catchphrases

The reusable bags distributed by DNA Evolution are designed with catchy quotes like 'Don't Be Mean, Go Green!' and 'Save the Planet, Dammit'! These unusual saying are catching the fancy of young eco-enthusiasts in Guam as more people are supporting the store's initiatives. These messages are being displayed on the reusable bags available at DNA Evolution. All stores under DNA Evolution like Volcom, Kicks/Hi and Stussy are offering these eco friendly bags to all their patrons. The store does not offer plastic bags and instead carries reusable bags in different sizes.

Choosing Reusable Bags over Plastic

Regardless of how the small the purchase is, DNA Evolution provides reusable shopping totes to all its patrons. The store awards free promotional shopping bags to customers who have purchased only one t-shirt. Additionally, people can also visit the store to buy the bags. In fact, several customers have shown great interest in these attractive bags and often purchase them and use them as gift bags. More shoppers in Guam have shown an interest in purchasing these eco friendly bags for affordable prices. While the small sized bags are available for $1 each, the larger ones are sold at $2 per bag.

Guam Is Grabbing Attention with Catchy Words

The administrative assistant of DNA Evolution, Karen Ejan, revealed that the bags were designed to draw attention to the hazards of plastic contamination. With the main purpose of keeping Guam clean and encouraging its customers to recycle more often, DNA Evolution is being respectful to the local environment. Ejan admitted that the interesting slogans may either be interpreted positively or considered offensive. She adds that the purpose of the reusable cloth bags is to grab the attention of the public and help speed up the conservation process. Many businesses in Guam have been using recyclable bags over plastic ones as their remote location makes disposing difficult.

Residents of Guam find it difficult to dispose of plastic bags safely without endangering the ocean life. With thousands of new tourists visiting the island every year, local businesses are taking the responsibility more seriously by keeping plastic usage to a minimum. Local residents of Guam as well visiting tourists have been immensely supportive of this green project and often purchase reusable bags during their stay on the island. Some even purchase them as souvenirs. The bags sold by DNA Evolution are attractive, durable and easy to carry. The store also makes it a point to change the designs of the bags every season to keep them interesting and fresh all through the year.