A lot of organizations encouraged the use of reusable bags on this Earth Day, and H-E-B was one of them. The officials from H-E-B distributed close to 200,000 free reusable bags on this Earth Day, and they also educated the residents on the benefits of reusable bags. According to experts, this is the sixth time that H-E-B has organized such an event for the people, and they organize eco-friendly campaigns very year.

Distribution of Recycled Tote Bags on Earth Day  by H-E-B

According to the officials from the company, H-E-B distributed reusable bags enough to eliminate approximately one million plastic bags from the United States. They officials stated that this event was organized with the motive to encourage the use of custom recycled tote bags on earth day among the residents of the country. The officials also stated that distribution of free reusable bags made the residents realize that it is simple to adapt to eco-friendly products.

H-E-B Encouraging Custom Recycled Tote Bags on Earth Day Through Various Measures

Apart from distributing free reusable bags, the officials from H-E-B devised an incentive program to promote reusable bags among the residents. According to this incentive program, all the customers who bring five or more single-use plastic bags to the H-E-B stores for recycling on recycling day were entitled to a coupon in return. The residents would have the opportunity to exchange these coupons for a reusable bag distributed by the company.

Apart from the events on Earth Day, the company also conducted a few other eco-friendly activities from the 15th of April to the 22nd of April, 2013. The company collaborated with approximately 85 elementary school authorities and it collected close to 1.2 million single-use plastic bags. These bags were recycled along with the plastic bags that were collected on Earth Day. Along with the collection of plastic bags, the officials from the company educated the school children on the importance of recycling as well.

According to statistics, this program helped in recycling close to 5.2 million pounds of waste plastic bags, and the organizers are planning on organizing it every year. The Director of the H-E-B Environmental affairs, Susan Ghertner stated that the company is very particular about its participation in eco-friendly activities. She stated that the officials wait to organize eco-friendly events on Earth Day, and their reusable bag distribution campaigns are always a success. Susan also said that the company is planning on increasing its eco-friendly initiatives in the coming year, especially in the Texas region.