When you want to make the most of your Halloween decorations, there are several things you can try. Every home is difficult. Sometimes, it’s hard to know where to start. You only have so much time and energy to decorate. Then, there’s the inevitable teardown process. Try these tips when you’re ready for the cooler weather and a few haunts.

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Choose a Halloween Theme

When you want to start decorating, choose your Halloween theme. You want to decide if you’re scary or funny. You can focus on a certain character or attraction. For example, you can go full Haunted Mansion, or you can play the music outside the house. You could go for the movie, or you might try Friday the 13th. Some people also go funny with the witches, wizards, and wispy ghosts. Halloween decorations can be expensive and take up space after the season is over, so check out some DIY decorations you can make at home using up-cycled materials.

Try Some Music

You can play music around your house to get your neighbors in the mood for candy and spooks. With digital media, you can use an all-weather speaker, Bluetooth to a mobile device, and run the music all day long if you want. You can do the same with spooky sounds that might set the mood around the house.

Try Some Spooky Lights

Yes, you can project some spooky lights on the side of the house, but you can also change your porch lights to green. You might put lighted eyes in the front lawn to scare off intruders. You can also add strobes or motion-sensitive lights that only go off when trick-or-treaters get close. A great eco-friendly way to set up halloween lights is by using LEDs or solar powered lights that charge during the day and leave you set for the night, such as these DIY swamp lights.

Trick-or-Treating Bags

Every child's goal on Halloween is to fill their bag to the very top. This is why you see some kids carrying around a pillowcase when they're hitting as many houses as possible. Ditch the hard to carry sack or small pumpkin bucket and hand out custom halloween bags with your brand's logo on it, or even an orange colored giant bag to allow for maximum candy collection.

The Halloween Candy Bucket

At some point, you will want to go out and have some of your own fun for Halloween. You can leave the house, let the decorations speak for themselves, and leave a candy bucket. Make sure you make a fun sign and overfill the bucket just to be sure you don’t run out.

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