With ‘eco-friendly' being the toast of the season, everyone wants to jump on to the bandwagon and is either using or creating eco-friendly products. But who would have thought of handbags made of recycled military materials? But here they are, two military wives, who have made this possible. Meet Lisa Dobbs and Cameron Cruise whose story is a really inspiring one.

Handbags that are stylish as well as environment friendly

These two women are a perfect combination of style and business sense. They met in Georgia, where their husbands were training as army rangers. They bonded over the common grounds which most military spouses have – frequent cross country moves, challenging lifestyles, the motive to create an outlet for their creativity as well as other women like them, and the desire to create an opportunity of self-reliance which would complement their mobile military lives.

All of this gave birth to their joint venture which now boasts of a strong workforce. All military spouses, who make and sell handcrafted handbags. The interesting fact is that these bags are made of recycled military materials.

Theirs is an online business and borrows its name, R.RIVETER from a female worker of the World War II who was popular for her patriotic works. This is an example of their community feeling and the pride of association with the military. Their handbags are also symbolic of their lifestyle, which is a combination of challenges and opportunities. Within two years of being in business, they have added leather bags and wallets for men and stamped dog-collars to their repertoire.

Their handbags are sturdy, stylish, functional, and very aptly named after famous military spouses. They have proved that every challenge that life throws at you can be transformed into an opportunity. They are not only helping many women find a satisfying career, but also helping save the environment with their original eco-friendly promotional items as these bags are made completely from recycled material.

Making use of eco-friendly promotional items

The story of R.RIVETER is bound to motivate many of you to do something that not only helps you realize your dream, but also provides an employment opportunity for many others and at the same time, helps save the planet.

More and more businesses should come forward to create such eco-friendly promotional items. This is not only their social responsibility, but also their duty towards future generations. Using such items for business promotion is also a good way of associating with the noble cause of saving the earth and handing over a clean and safe planet to our children.