As leaves fall around your home, you must consider how to deal with them responsibly. On the one hand, fall foliage blankets most regions of the country with an orange, brown, yellow, and rusted glow. On the other hand, it gets in the way. So, how do you deal with these leaves in the right way? There are a few options.

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When to Manage Fall Foliage

You want to get started on fall foliage as soon as possible. While it looks nice, it can become a problem if you let it sit for too long. Foliage can stain wooden decks, concrete, stone walkways, and more. People can slip on your property. You might fall and hurt yourself. This can be especially bad when your kids are playing outside.

Managing Fall Foliage Responsibly

Responsible leaf management starts with keeping your leaves out of the curbs, ditches, and storm drains. When you allow the leaves to go where they want, they add nutrients to local water supplies. This can allow harmful algae to bloom.

Next, you should remove foliage so that it doesn’t become slippery. It looks solid, but it will cause you to slip and fall even after a gentle rain.

Get it off hard surfaces because those surfaces will stain.

Compost when you can. Moving all your yard waste to a compost heap allows you to fertilize your lawn and garden without using chemicals. This makes the local water table safer. Plus, you keep those leaves out of landfills.

Bundle and Dispose Properly

If you must dispose of your leaves, bundle and bag them. Use a recycled paper bag to at least remain as eco-friendly as possible. Ensure that your bundles are picked up in a timely manner. If it is especially hot where you live, you may need to soak those leaves and debris to reduce the risk of fire.

Tour the Leaves

Yes, you can still tour the leaves. This is a fun thing to do, but remember that proper leaf management keeps the soil in good condition. Plus, you might want to alert your neighbors if you are touring the leaves and notice their lawn might be a breeding ground for insects. You might even encourage neighbors to compost their leaves instead of burning them (something people still do today.)

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