One of the leading universities in the world, Harvard University, is making efforts to educate students on the environment. The university heads are presently looking at hiring a vice president who will be able to monitor issues related to governance, social situations, and the environment on behalf of the university.

The Need for a vice President to Educate Students on the Environment

According to the management of the university, the student body and the teachers need to make efforts to contribute towards research on environmental factors. This is the primary reason as to why the authorities want to hire a vice president to monitor all the eco-friendly activities of the university. They hope that this will help in organizing a system for eco-friendly research.

The vice president will have to analyze all the sustainability and environmental issues that are addressed at the university, at the student and the administration level. Apart from analyzing all the existing activities, the vice president will have to research on methods of improving these activities. So he will help in analyzing and developing the university's portfolio in terms of the sustainability and environmental issues.

Students Take Initiative to Promote Eco Friendly Promotional Items

According to experts, the students at Harvard University have always made efforts to promote eco friendly promotional items. The student body has requested the management of the university to withdraw its funding from environmentally harmful industries such as oil companies, and transfer these funds towards renewable resources.

According to the Chief Executive Officer and President of the Harvard Management, Jane Mendillo, in the year 2012, the management at the university made all its investments keeping the sustainability factor in mind. She stated that the authorities try and invest in businesses that use or promote renewable resources, as much as possible.

Mendillo feels the fact that the student body at Harvard organizes many seminars and discusses sustainability and environmental issues in detail impacts the decisions of the management drastically. She stated that the university is planning on hiring a vice president to monitor these activities as they want the students and the management to interact on such issues collectively.

In addition to this, the management at the university wants to make long-term investments in the organic industry, and help out upcoming businesses in this field. So they need to analyze all their environmental research before making their investments. The management is hoping that a vice president will help them in achieving this goal, and the person will be able to organize an integrated system at the university.

Bullet for FB: Harvard University administration looking for a vice president! The university officials want to hire a vice president who will help them in taking care of environmental issues addressed at the university.