National Lollipop Day is July 20th, 2021, and this is the perfect day to get creative, make some fun designs for your customers, and enjoy the summer with some lollipops. When your business wants to lean into as many fun holidays as possible, go with the ever-popular lollipop.

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How to Market Lollipops

When you get into National Lollipop Day, you aren’t marketing lollipops so much as you are calling attention to your business. When you want to have fun on this day, you can put the design of a lollipop on your shopping bags. We are happy to do that for you at Custom Earth Promos.

Have a sale where you give away lollipops with every purchase. Set up a sale around the holiday even though you don’t sell lollipops. You could ever create a special promotion where customers can buy into different “rings” of savings (you know, the rings on a lollipop.) Do something fun so that your customers feel compelled to shop with you.

Design Your Bag

You want your business to be as fun as possible, and that is why we recommend using the lollipop as part of your design. Everyone loves lollipops, and kids often beg their parents to shop with you because they want some candy. Imagine for a moment how much easier it is to capture the attention of the public if your marketing — your custom bags — feature the venerable lollipop.

Order With Custom Earth Promos

Order with Custom Earth Promos today so that you can enjoy national Lollipop Day. We do everything you need, design your bags, and give you the highest quality so that you can improve your local marketing and impress your customers.