A recent study from 3M shows that homeowners have an overwhelming interest in eco-friendly home items and green living. As more homeowners consider why they should go green, there are many products that will work well in the modern home. Think of your vision of the future and add recycled and reusable products to the mix.

Check out Custom Earth Promos to find green products, accessories, and more. These products can be the first step in turning your home into an eco-friendly space.

Green Living After Construction

A green makeover should start with construction. As the housing market boomed during the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more homeowners were interested in green building materials. You can learn more about what builders can do. Plus, you can see what modern homeowners want here.

Living in a Sustainable Home

Making and living in a sustainable home is a good way to go green. For the most part, homeowners can promote sustainability by:

  • Fixing leaky sinks and faucets
  • Going with electric heat
  • Trying solar panels
  • Keeping reusable products in the house
  • Never using plastic bags

You can learn more about how to make it happen here.

Green Living for Your Daily Routine

When you want to try green living in your daily routine, you can try reusable and recycled products at home. The first thing to do is grab a reusable shopping bag. Keep some in the house and some in the car. Bring the bags to the store. Pack items in the car with these bags. You can even use these bags for storage around the house.

Order Today

Start thinking about what you can order today that will jump start your green living makeover. As you find more information on green products, you can transform your home and lifestyle. Plus, you can demand green building products during new construction. Think of all your options instead of maintaining the status quo.