An outdoor summer party can be healthy and fun with some eco-friendly options thrown in the mix. A burger grill party or an elaborate eco-friendly cookout with a long guest list can be made memorable with a healthy environment adding to summer fun.

Getting Started on Your Eco-Friendly Cookout

Setting the stage for the big party or a close get-together is half the job done as you have created an ambiance for your guests to relax. The first step is to ensure that the backyard is cleaned and pruned to get rid of weeds as well as overgrown plants that may harbor bugs at night. The furniture to accommodate your guests should be laid out in advance interspersed with some night lights or solar powered lanterns.

Next on the list is setting the grill for the barbecue. A gas grill is an easy and eco-friendly way of grilling food outdoors as it emits less smoke and cooks the food evenly. A clean grill is the way to start cooking on it and the best way to clean it is by using some organic vegetable oil. Vegetable oils are good lubricants that prevent the food from getting stuck to the grill and you can avoid the build-up after several grilling sessions.

The vegetables, meats and dairy products used for the grill can be of the organically-sourced variety to make sure that your dishes taste fresh and delectable. The best way to ensure this is by shopping at your local market that offers fresh produce and grass fed meats. Fresh cocktails and organic beers are a welcome addition to the menu to help your guests beat the summer heat. Fresh fruit juices can be blended with gluten free alcohol to create some organic cocktails.

The option of sticking to reusable serving trays and dishes will ensure that the Styrofoam cups and plates are not littered around your backyard by the end of the bash.

An Eco-Friendly Cookout Is Great to Spread Some Eco Sense

Eco-friendly promotional items are the best way to promote a business by giving out organically-sourced gifts that encourage the consumers to live in an eco-friendly manner. Articles used on a regular basis like pens, water bottles, key-rings, caps and other apparel like sweatshirts and t-shirts, bearing the company logo can be a gentle reminder of a company's commitment towards a greener world.