When you check into a hotel or even book the room, how do you know it’s eco-friendly. Hotels are often not eco-friendly by design. There’s a lot of potential for waste. However, you want to enjoy your vacation and feel like you’re staying in the best possible location. Use these tips to learn how to choose the perfect lodging option. You can also learn more on the topic here.

Check out Custom Earth Promos when you want to try out recycled products, bags for travel and more. There are several ways to make travel more eco-friendly irrespective of the hotels you choose.

Reports on Eco-Friendly Hotels

There are reports generated by hotels that explain how sustainable they are. You can also check for a B Corp Certification that signifies how eco-friendly the or chain is. This is a good place to start, but you can dig deeper to find an even more eco-friendly location.

Wellness Is Not Necessarily Eco

When you find a wellness hotel, it might be one of the calmest and healthiest places to stay. However, these locations are not always eco. Some try to hide under the cool and new age imaging without actually doing anything good for the environment.

Outside the Hotel

Heading outside the hotel, there are other signs it’s eco-friendly. Remember, large corporations often drop into a community. Did they displace people in that community. Does the staff they buy local? Do they fit in? Do they support the community? Are they following local rules, ban single-use plastics, etc?

If you don’t see a recycling bin outside the hotel on trash day, that gives you an idea of how much the hotel has really done. Remember, these companies are trying to stay increase occupancy, and you don’t want to fall victim to ploys.

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Take these things into account as you search for the best place to stay and shop for eco-friendly luggage. You can make your vacations more eco-friendly, stay in lovely locations, and cut back on your environmental impact using these tips.