When you have ordered custom printed bags, you need to know how to add your company's information to every bag. You might host events, run a company, or manage a nonprofit. You need to fit a lot of different things on the bag, and we have some advice for you. Consider what will speak to your customers or constituents when you place your order and design the bag. 

At Custom Earth Promos, we can help you design and style your bag in a way that makes marketing easier. 

Your Logo Matters 

You need to start with your logo, but you need to decide how much space it is going to take up. Some people want just a logo because they think that's enough. This might be enough if your company has a big presence in your local area. The problem is—people outside your area have no idea who you are. You might need to add more information to your custom printed bags to get the attention of the public. 

Custom Printed Bags Need Contact Info 

You can add contact info to custom printed bags at any time, but you need to make sure that you have made that contact info easy to read. You can add your phone number, emails, or website. You can even make your website part of the logo. The name of the business might be the website, and you can tag the end of the logo with .com or .org. 

Contact Custom Earth Promos Today 

You should reach out to Custom Earth Promos today when you need help with your custom printed bags. We can make sure that your bags are designed beautifully, fit all your contact information, and make all that script easy to read. Our friendly customer service team can point you in the right direction, and even help you choose the right color for each bag.