Doesn't it feel terrible when you notice your favorite top, that you perhaps wore just a few times, is giving up on its life? Or when you fail to realize why your clothes just don't last quite long? It can't always be about the material and quality of the clothes, right? Perhaps there are quite a few culprits involved here, including your washing techniques and detergent. If you are determined on giving a longer life to your clothes, you need to keep certain things in mind.

Simple, Eco-Friendly Ways to Make Clothes Last Longer

The basic step to ensure that your clothes don't die a quick death is to wash them less frequently. So, if you wear a top once or twice, you don't necessarily need to wash it unless it looks dirty or smells bad. Another trick to avoid washing clothes after a few uses is to buy dark colored clothes which are good at hiding dirt.

When it comes to washing, the best policy is to hand-wash them. Of course, there are certain clothes that cannot be hand-washed, you can certainly use the washing machine for them. But most clothes last longer when they are hand washed, as this technique effectively removes all the dirt without being too harsh on the clothes. Also, while hand-washing your clothes, it a better practice to wash the less dirty clothes first as this way you can use the same bucket of water for quite a few clothes. Once you are done, you can use it for watering your trees.

Using a clothes line to dry your clothes is another simple and eco-friendly way of extending the life of your clothes. Wind and sun effectively dry your clothes. Also, you don't necessarily need a clothes line in the exterior part of your house. An indoor cloth rack works equally well,especially when it is not too cold outside.

Another simple way to wash clothes without wasting a lot of water is by washing them while showering. You can place the clothes that need a wash, under the shower and add some eco-friendly, natural detergent to them. This way, you wont need extra water to soak the clothes.

Opt for Eco-Friendly Promotional Items

Going eco-friendly has become more or less essential given the way we have disturbed various natural cycles affecting the planet. Companies and environmental organizations can come up with eco-friendly promotional items to educate more people about leading a sustainable lifestyle.