Today, almost all information is processed digitally, and almost all jobs regardless of position or field require their employees to be proficient with computers. Everyone has important documents that they keep digitally whether they're legal, tax related, bills, or something for work. In some cases, certain files are so sensitive that they cannot be emailed or posted to the web, and have to be manually shared from computer to computer. To accomplish this, Custom Earth Promos suggests considering our eco timber lanyard USB drive. Available in bamboo, maple, rosewood, and walnut colors, the eco timber lanyard USB drive is a beautiful, simple organic device that can be used to store important documents, or any documents that you need to stay on your person, or have on hand for any given reason. The eco timber lanyard USB drive is also offered in different wood styles (light wood, red wood, dark wood, and bamboo), so that you can personalize your selection. The attached lanyard makes it easy to carry around on your neck or attach to a belt loop for safety and convenience.

Save Files and the Environment with Eco Timber Lanyard Usb Drive

At Custom Earth Promos, we strive to make products that are not only high quality, but meet the highest environmental standards. The eco timber lanyard USB drive is two point two inches wide and one point one inches high with an imprint area of one and a half inches wide by one inch high making this a great promotional product as your logo will be easily visible for all to see. The eco timber lanyard USB drive is backed by a lifetime warranty, and you have the added option to pre-load up to one hundred MB of data for users to view when they slide in the drive. This means that not only is the eco timber lanyard USB drive totally customizable externally, but that you can also make the popular choice of having it direct to your website when it enters a computer, or have it include a message about your organization for maximum brand visibility. Contact Custom Earth Promos directly to speak to one of our staff members regarding wholesale pricing on the eco timber lanyard USB drive or any of our other great promotional items!