Celebrating International Jazz Day is one of the best ways for your business to reach out to additional customers. This day is the perfect time for you to welcome in the spring season as it occurs on April 30, 2021. This is a day to celebrate the original American music, and it is a good time to sink into all the different things that people associate with jazz.

Choose a theme and reach out to us at Custom Earth Promos when you are ready for International Jazz Day.

Why Jazz?

When you choose International Jazz Day as a focus holiday, you can branch out into any area of jazz that works for you. You can go for the swing era if your business fits in with the styling of the 20s. Glenn Miller or Benny Goodman are great artists to feature. You can step into the 40s or 50s with Art Deco. However, it might be fun to feature Charlie Parker, or you might want to seem cooler by going for Miles Davis.

Every big city has a jazz scene, and you can focus on the big names in that town. If your city is known for its food, you can feature food items around International Jazz Day. This year, you might want to go for New Orleans/creole food. You can feature deep dish pizza and Chicago jazz musicians. Basically, there is an option for every business and every city.

Choosing Custom Bags and Accessories

Choosing custom bag is an easy way to advertise this holiday and sort of tie into the holiday. Think of how cool an Art Deco would look on a swooping image across a custom bag your business gives to its customers.

You can also list several holidays that you want to celebrate throughout the year. Plus, you can put the dates on the bag, and your customers will come back for every new holiday.

Order Today

You can order your custom bags today from Custom Earth Promos and honor International Jazz Day. This is the perfect way to make light of the holiday and make your business a little more fun for your customers to visit.