Jessica Alba's range of toxin-free items is quite well-known. Also, probably all fans of Jessica Alba know that she not only prefers to be fashionable, but also wishes to remain green while being fashionable. In her new book, she talks about what approach people should take in order to remain fashionable and yet be eco-friendly.

Jessica Alba's Toxic-Free Clothing Line

The toxin-free line of eco friendly promotional items that Jessica Alba had launched – named The Honest Company – has been loved by many. She believes that being fashionable doesn't mean that one has to be hostile towards the environment. She thinks that caring for one's clothes to make them durable is the key to being eco-friendly as well as fashionable. No doubt, her wardrobe is packed with the most fashionable clothing items, yet she prefers to stress on buying apparels that she likes, rather than those that go with the current trend. This ensures that she doesn't feel the need to throw away the old clothes just so that they don't fit in with the changing trend. She also believes in exchanging clothes with friends who have the same taste in fashion. Reusing clothes enables one to try out new styles without having to buy them or discard old clothes.

Jessica Alba's Book Promotes Eco-Friendly Promotional Items

After becoming a mother, Jessica Alba found out that most household products contain harmful chemicals and personally, she couldn't find any appropriate natural products that would be safe for her home and family. This is the reason that she launched her own range of eco-friendly products. Recently, she has written a book on how to remain safe at home using eco-friendly products. In it, she gives tips that she has followed herself so as to remain healthy while making use of natural products. She uses examples from her own home and also the contents of her own wardrobe to explain how to live a toxin-free and healthy life. Not only does she talk about eco-friendly clothes, home décor, and fashion, but also a toxin-free diet, and how to keep oneself engaged in fun activities with one's children.

Jessica asks people to refrain from even the scented floor cleaners, since they contain VOCs and can be harmful. Eco friendly promotional items could be used in any kind of budget and for all purposes starting from beauty to food. The actress is of the view that being eco-friendly not only has a better impact on the environment, but it also makes one's life more wholesome and healthy.