There is an increasing awareness as well as understanding about the fact that we need to take better care of the environment. Single use plastic bags have already been banned in certain parts of the United States with a ban on the use of plastic bags also seemingly starting to take shape. A single plastic bag takes about 1,000 years to decompose, all the while releasing harmful toxins into the earth. The fact that discarded plastic bags, which atone to more than 400 metric tones of waste in even the smallest states, means that there is a huge footprint of toxins being bled into the ground.

Eco-Friendly Furniture Is the New Way of Life

Being eco-friendly needs to become a way of life for us to sustain the environment. Jessica Alba is a celebrity right at the forefront of a better way of living and is doing her part to encourage more people to think twice about the kind of lifestyle they lead. While banning plastic bags and bottles is merely the tip of the iceberg, she also encourages people to buy eco-friendly furniture.

When speaking with Jessica Alba, she pronounces that one of her biggest Achilles heel is what makes her so conscious of the environment. Stating that she loves to buy vintage furniture, she makes a conscious decision to purchase most of her fondest furniture off Craigslist as refurbishing is one of the most eco-friendly things that one can do.

Not stopping there, the famous actress also founded The Honest Company which specializes in a non-toxic line of baby products as well as household products. She makes a bold statement that without our health and without our planet we have nothing. Something that we should keep in mind if we want to sustain our planet.

Setting Trends with Eco-Friendly Furniture

Setting trends with eco-friendly promotional items does not necessarily begin with celebrities as it is up to all of us to do our bit. However, celebrities do bring a certain credibility to any campaign and will help increase awareness much faster than most other avenues. Emma Watson is known to be very eco-friendly as well, what with her eco-friendly line of designer wear. While musician Will.I.Am is the ambassador for Ekocycle (a large recycling conglomerate) while going on record to say that he is an ambassador for a better, healthier and eco-friendly way of living.